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Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush w/ Hot & Cold Wand

Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush w/ Hot & Cold Wand

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 A facial cleansing device that delivers high-vibration, effective facial cleansing that also gently exfoliates skin to eliminate dead cells, better than your average cleansing facial brush.

Perfect for All skin types.

Sonic pulsation technology delivers up to 15,000 pulses per minute using medical-grade, antimicrobial silicone and ultrasoft micro nodules, which provide gentle hydration. This innovative and technological-advanced device reinvigorates your skin's glow. Pores look less visible and skin's tone and texture is improved. It's water-resistant and designed for use in the shower.

How to use: Dampen the skin with warm water. Press and hold the power key for 3 seconds to power on. Press the power key once more to toggle the vibration strength. Press Cold or Hot Compress button while powered on to select modes. Hold Power button for 3 seconds to turn off. *This cleansing brush may remain powered for up to 15 minutes, before automatically powering off.

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